Thematic Studies


July 2012
by Mahmoud Kandil

The paper examines the obstacles that an independent judiciary faces, and the requirements of its reform; it also addresses the issues involved in establishing an independent judiciary, and guaranteeing justice through a fair trial.

March 2012
by Amr Adly

How did cronyism and corruption operate under Mubarak and how business and power interacted to pave the way for the accumulation of private wealth? Who were the members of these networks? Why did this pattern of the uneven distribution of property rights in favor of the regime figures and their cronies emerged and persist? Which form did cronyism and corruption assume?

December 2010
by Giacomo Luciani, Steffen Hertog

This policy paper explores to what extent the private sector is truly private in the GCC and asks whether the recent economic crisis can set the stage for potentially more mature interest group politics and a wider contribution of business to reform processes.

May 2009

The custodians of Arab sovereign wealth have found themselves in a precarious situation, having to respond, first, to an external audience when it appeared that their influence in the world had substantially increased, and later, to a domestic audience when it appeared that they might have overplayed their hands.