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National Reconciliation and Protection of Minorities
In this new research paper, ARI’s Deputy Director, Salam Kawakibi analyses the Assad regime’s exploitation of sectarian and confessional divisions and deconstructs the myths used in its political rhetoric to gain power and present itself as the ultimate line of defence for minorities. Read More
Understanding and Confronting Sectarianism
Beirut, 9 March 2017 – The Arab Reform Initiative organized a one-day conference to assess factors that led to the rise of sectarianism and articulate strategies to confront it and pave the way for a return to past sectarian diversity in the region. Read More
Workshop on Social Democracy
How can the intellectual political and social stream in the Arab region move to prepare the mechanisms and tools that can enhance its legitimacy and help it identify the most effective strategies to tackle issues specific to the region and to choose its allies in various sectors? Read More
Iraq’s Challenge of Securing Mosul
After the recapture of Mosul, Iraq will face political and military obstacles to restoring sustainable security and rebuilding institutions in a liberated but devastated city. Read More
The Dynamics of Business Interest Group Advocacy on Economic Policymaking

While the Arab awakening has impacted the political economies of Arab states differently, the message that state-business relations can no longer afford to rely on pre-existing models of business advocacy has reverberated across the region.

Read More
The Political Impasse of the Syrian Kurdish Movement
The Kurdish movement’s policy of territorial advances in Syria puts it at odds with its desire to build international political alliances and renders military cooperation with it politically costly for Western nations. Read More
“The Disaster of Aleppo” and the Quandary of the Last Opportunity
The fall of Aleppo entails a restructuring of the leadership of the opposition and a realistic review of how to deal with international and regional positions on the Syrian crisis and Russia’s military presence. Read More
Decentralization and the Future of the Syrian State
Discussing the future shape of the Syrian state now rather than later is likely to provide answers to some of the most intractable questions Read More
The Dissolution of the “Islamic State”
The demise of the so-called Islamic State remains contingent on the emergence of governing authorities that respect people’s rights and choices, away from sectarian, ethnic and regional divisions. Read More
Foreign Backers and the Marginalization of the Free Syrian Army
Félix Legrand unravels the complexities behind the FSA's loss of legitimacy and draws lessons from the battle to break the Aleppo siege. Read More