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The Political Impasse of the Syrian Kurdish Movement
The Kurdish movement’s policy of territorial advances in Syria puts it at odds with its desire to build international political alliances and renders military cooperation with it politically costly for Western nations. Read More
“The Disaster of Aleppo” and the Quandary of the Last Opportunity
The fall of Aleppo entails a restructuring of the leadership of the opposition and a realistic review of how to deal with international and regional positions on the Syrian crisis and Russia’s military presence. Read More
Decentralization and the Future of the Syrian State
Discussing the future shape of the Syrian state now rather than later is likely to provide answers to some of the most intractable questions Read More
The Dissolution of the “Islamic State”
The demise of the so-called Islamic State remains contingent on the emergence of governing authorities that respect people’s rights and choices, away from sectarian, ethnic and regional divisions. Read More
Foreign Backers and the Marginalization of the Free Syrian Army
Félix Legrand unravels the complexities behind the FSA's loss of legitimacy and draws lessons from the battle to break the Aleppo siege. Read More
Europe’s Border: Local Power and Democratic Consolidation in Tunisia
The Arab Reform Initiative and the Collège Méditerranéen pour la Recherche Scientifique organized a two-day conference in Tunis on 30 and 31 May 2016 to present European experiences of municipal development during periods of democratic consolidation, and to contribute to the debate on implementing local government in Tunisia. Read More
Civil-Military Relations in the Middle East
At a time of protracted transition in Egypt, Ahmed Abd Rabou offers an alternative that calls for self-learning, negotiation and engagement from civilians, politicians and security actors. Read More
Access to Information in the Arab World: A Battle for Open Societies
Access to information remains a struggle towards the realisation of open societies in the Arab World. Civil society has a crucial role to play. Read More
Youth Radicalisation in Egypt and the Complicated Relationship to Violence
Exploring the narratives of young radicalised Egyptians shows differences between those who have chosen violence and those who have been only ideologically swayed, and explains why these choices express themselves differently in Egypt and abroad. Read More
Can the NOC save Libya?
Azza Maghur provides an insight into the recent economic détente and the role the National Oil Corporation can play in reviving cooperation between political rivals for power in Libya. Read More