Critical Dialogue Between Diverse Opposition Groups

Building on a two-year dialogue between leading thinkers of different political opposition groups in Egypt and Tunisia (2008-2009), ARI helped newly formed political groups work toward agreement on the founding principles of the political system and democratic mechanisms for managing their differences. 

Topics included the place of religion in the constitution, sources of legislation, minority rights, freedom of thought and expression, social demands and economic policy.

Discussions addressed the development of political platforms for campaigning and the identification of possible alliance options.

All over the Arab world, Islamist, liberal and leftist groups have had the idea of coming together to challenge political oppression and to voice more effectively their demands for reform. This requires them to put aside their ideological differen (...)

Islamist, leftist, and liberal forces have repeatedly come together in joint frameworks established on the basis of specific programmes that put ideological considerations aside in order to give priority to political accord over topics of an urgent nature. First and foremost among these topics has been the fight against repression, and in the longer term the question of democracy in general. (...)