Arab democracy index

A pioneering intra-Arab collaborative annual report titled "The State of Reform in the Arab World: The Arab Democracy Index".  A biannual assessment of the level and nature of authoritarianism and democracy monitoring transition in selected Arab countries. The project is implemented in partnership with the Palestine Centre for Policy and Survey Research (PCPSR).

November 2014

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November 2014

This 4th edition of the ADI reflects the positive impact of the Arab Spring of 2011 of the 9 countries from its in-depth survey carried out by Arab social scientists.

March 2011

This book appears at an extraordinary moment in the history of the Arab region. Although the region as a whole is undergoing varying degrees of transformation, it relies on the inevitability of change and democratic transition based on local specificities and mechanisms.

March 2010

Arab world at threshold of democracy, however a long road to implementation lies ahead, says Arab Reform Initiative.

September 2008

“Democratic Transition is still at the embryonic stage and is more visible in countries that are keen to project a positive image of modernization Progress achieved in constitutional, administrative and other kinds of formal steps to reform remains unmatched by practices and progress on the ground”: this represents one of the key conclusions of the recently launched State of Reform in the Arab