“Youth” Inclusion in Yemen: a Necessary Element for Success of political transition

December 2012
, by Atiaf Zaid Alwazir

Modern Yemen has witnessed previous revolutions and coups, but the revolution of 2011 had the unique aspect of being a youth led mass movement [at least at the beginning] with participation from people of various backgrounds, transcending the elite circle of politics. A common question arises: what role do the “youth” who ignited the mass protest movement play today in the transitional process?

While youth played a significant role in the revolution, they were sidelined in the political negotiations that led to the signing of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) transition plan and there are indicators today that show their potential marginalization in the upcoming national dialogue process.

A key indicator for change in the political structure of the country is the level of political inclusion that transcends the traditional small inner circle.  Hence, this paper attempts to review the level of “youth” inclusion, by first defining the “independent youth”, and focusing on their past, current and potential role in the transitional process.

About the Author

Development consultant, Researcher and Blogger based in Sana'a, Yemen with an M.A in international affairs.

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